Invasion de Beaux Nichons

Vous allez voir ici des beaux gros seins s'agiter en baisant. Il y en aura pour tous les goûts : des gros, des petits, des moyens, en forme de pommes, de poires, de bananes, avec des bouts longs,courts,épais,fins et des aréloles grosses, moyennes ou peu prononcées. Cette page est donc orientée seins mais montre aussi ce que les chiennes en font !(PENSEZ A VOUS INSCRIRE A MA NEWS ET SUR LE FORUM, VOUS AUREZ DU CONTENU GRATUIT TRES SOUVENT!)

Meet Allison Evers. She is a southern gal who loves to fuck and feels she's blessed. She actually is really. She has ginormous tits!! They're K's!! God blesses those who he loves & it seems that God truly loves Allison. We hooked her up with a buddy of ours Buddy. Once he got a look of her tits he was immediately down to fuck. She's got nice nipples, she's got and tight ass and she can suck dick like a southern jezebel should. My favorite part of this episode is when they start to pour oil all over Allisons shirt. They attempted to reveal her nipples through the shirt with water, but that didn't seem to work so they went with the baby oil. Baby oil works like a charm!! It was a windy day so her nipples were rock hard. They move back in to the house and that is where the festivities resumed. I love me a southern belle who likes to have dicks stuffed in her vagina. Don't you??.

We invited Carmen Mc Carthy to come through so we could have some fun in the sun. It turns out that Carmen has been hitting up the beach for a few days already so she wasn't so much in the mood to tan. She was more in the vibe to get fucked hard, suck some dick and get filled up with spunk. To set the mood Carmen played a few notes on the piano as her was being eaten out. Apparently if you lick Carmen Mc Carthys asshole she gets so turned on she immediately wants to suck a dick. She sucked the dick of the same dude who licked her ass, but only cuz he was the first person she saw. Otherwise she'd prolly suck any old person in the vicinity. Carmen went on hiatus for a minute to finish school, but now she's back doing what she does best. Thank God!.

Jazmyn, Jazmyn, Jazmyn!! Ladies & gents! What we have here is your typical Puerto Rican mama who's interested in only one thing & that's pleasing. She's so fucking sultry, so fucking hot, so fucking curvy it hurts the eyes if you stare too deep. Imagine for a second Jazmyn at your crib looking at you with those Latina eyes. She flicks her beautiful blonde hair back and licks her lips. Se tells you she want to jack you off. She tells you she wants to put your cock in between her tits & she wants your cum all over them. Put that in your spank bank meng! Jazmy is a treasure in this business cuz she exudes sensuality and plain hornyness. From her lips to her giantly wonderful tits. She's got double D's & she rocks them with pride. She's got no shame and pops them out to set everything off. There's surprises in this one so enjoy!.

Penelope Piper stops by to show us beautiful be natural latin tits can be and exactly how sexy long juicy nipples can be. There is no better way to spend your thursday then watching some massive DD tits just bounce around so graciously. Mike throws some oil on these natural beauties and lets Penelope go to work, and she sure does put on a good show, next thing you know Mike has her tits in his mouth and ready to get his dick wet. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, she begs for some dick in her ass and Mike just couldn't resist. After beating her ass senseless he drops a massive load coating her tits. .

I haven't seen this one in a loooong time man. I forgot about this French hottie and now that we're remastering all the BANG BROS classics I get a chance to reconnect with all my favorite sluts from the past. It's kinda like Scrooge but the porn version and the ghosts are on my computer screen. That was a horrible metaphor. Rene is the chicks name and she's a French, blonde and helpless madam. The guys spotted her stuck at a gas station. Her car broke down and she was looking for a mechanic. With no mechanic in site for at least 3 miles she was in need of rescue and Bang Bus gives rides to scared foreign chicks who give up the goods otherwise they get tossed out the van quicker than they can say " wait I left my panties in the back seat!!" You have to see Renes tits. She's got such soft & sexy nipples. It's funny cuz most chicks will give you everything if you just make them laugh and flirt the right way. Most people don't know that all the guys on the Bang Bus are all out of work horny psychologists. That's not true, but if it were true it would cool. Maybe illegal like using matial arts in a street fight. A lethal weapon. Sorry. Went on a tangent. Enough reading! A French slut gets fucked on film for like 10 bucks!! Watch me now!.

in this weeks bangbus update..we brought back the homie buddy royale and were out doing what we do best but man these women are no joke and cant stand the we find this blondie and i just send buddy to go get her and she comes back with him but right away i can tell she is full of sh*t and lying but its all good because she was def a i manage to convice to come with us and let me tell you guys something this girl is out of hand in a good way lol....STAY TUNED!.

One thing you can always count on when you're with three girls and you have your camera set to record. Somebody's gonna get fucked! I took out three hot little Starlets that go by the name of Charity Bangs, Marie McCray and Lizzy London to a local bar that was near by. It was hot as hell outside so these girls needed a drink. I took them inside and they already made some new friends. So these girls to talked to the bartender and some mexican roofer dude at the end of the bar who kept staring at the girls all creepy like. I told them to go and see if maybe we can talk to them and get them into letting them invite us to their cribs..well when you've got three gorgeous women how can you refuse. so we wen to their place and sure as hell as soon as they saw the crib their panties just flew off. The bartender turned out to be a super banger extarodinaire, While the creepy Mexican was totally limp dickin' around the scene. Guess we cant all be winners in the Fuck Team Five. .

So today we have Beverly Paige, man this girls tits are huge, 34 double F, just when I thought last weeks tits were big we are here to hit you with another grand slam. This girl is smoking hot, sexy thick all natural body, with curves for days. Mirko is just speechless at how massive these tits are and how they swallow up his dick with no problem. But that doesn't stop Mirko from going to town on these babies and fucking the living shit out of this chick. Enjoy.

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